Caring for Your Cutlery

Inevitably, the knives will come into contact with multifarious stains. So if not be properly cleaned and maintained, there will be a surprising amount of bacteria on the knives. In order to make a healthy and nutritious meal for your family, the key to maintaining your knife is keeping it clean and in good condition.

Here are several steps to clean your knives:

  • Rinse the knife in warm water.

  • You can scrub it with dish soap but use a sponge or a soft towel. Do not apply anything abrasive.

  • Rinse the knife once more.

  • Wipe the knife thoroughly dry with a paper towel (or a soft towel).

  • Leave the knife to air dry.

  • Once completely dry, store the knife in a protective case or knife block.

  • Do not soak the knife in a metal sink or with metal utensils. The ceramic knife will incur damage when it comes into contact with these metal objects.

  • You can keep your knives clean by doing the above steps once a month or once every two months.

More to the point, if you don’t get the perfect and clean knives once it’s yours, all that time and energy is wasted. To address this challenge, We would like to introduce EUNA’s exclusive OPD antimicrobial technology to you. It is the OPD antibacterial layer that adopted in every EUNA knives has guaranteed food safety and sanitation assurance. OPD is an abbreviation for "OOU Premium Disinfection", namely "OOU Premium Antibacterial Technology". This technology uses sliver ions imported from Japan, which can efficiently inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, to the appliance of the product through innovative molecular fusion technology. Through the interference of silver ions on the bacterial cell wall, it inhibits the breeding and multiplication of bacteria and keeps the EUNA knives clean all the time. Tested by international authorities, the EUNA knives using this technology are 99% resistant to the common kitchen bacteria.

For your information, Treasure Series, Gentleman Series and Dark Shadow Series are all used with the OPD antimicrobial layer. EUNA is always acting to protect your health and the health of your family.

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