How To Hold Kitchen Knives

If you want to improve your cutting skills and always stay safe in the kitchen, it all starts with holding your knife properly. Adjusting the grip of the knife allows you to cut more efficiently and with more control. It also prevents the blades from slipping, so you're less likely to have an accident in the kitchen. With some practice and care, you will stay safe when holding a knife.

Step 1--- Hold the knife with your fingers

Wrap your middle, ring and little fingers around the handle and keep your fingers close to each other so you don't see the handle between them. When you hold the knife, the knife should rest naturally in the palm of your hand. If your fingers feel uncomfortable while holding the knife, readjust the grip or try another knife.

Step 2--- Pinch the bottom of the blade between your thumb and forefinger

Hold the knife in your dominant hand so you have maximum control over your knife. Press your thumb on the side of the blade, just where it meets the handle.Then place your index finger on the other side of the blade so that your fingertip is just above the blade. Squeeze gently the blade with your fingers for a firm grip.

Step 3--- Squeeze the handle

Tighten your grip on the knife so it doesn't slide in your hand. Keep the blade aligned with your wrist and arm. Do not move any fingers while using the knife or you may cut yourself.

Step 4--- Always keep the blade facing down

If you need to walk through the kitchen when holding a knife in your hand, hold it firmly with the handle. You can hold the blade by the side of your body with the tip pointing to the ground.In this way, you're less likely to hurt yourself or others.If the knife drops accidentally, let it fall straight to the ground to avoid cutting your hand if you try to grab the knife.

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