How to Prevent Knives from Rusting?

What we are most concerned about is how to prevent knives from rusting. Before we answer this question, we should clearly know what causes rust.

For a knife to rust, three things are needed: oxygen, iron and water. Oxygen comes from the atmosphere and is found in the air around us. Iron is the main material for steel knives. Moisture (water) facilitates the formation of rust. It does not have to be water as a liquid. Moist air is enough to cause knives to rust. This can give us an idea of how to keep knives from rusting. If we can prevent the contact of these three components from knives, your knives will not rust. Following up are some suggestions to prevent knives from rusting.

Advice 1: Keep your knives clean and properly stored

First always remember to clean your knife after use. Rinse the residue with water and wash the knife with the soft side of a sponge, then wipe off the knife thoroughly with a soft towel. Don't skip this step or your knife will rust soon. Next store your knife properly. Store it in a dry drawer or cupboard if possible. You can also use knife oil to keep the blade out of contact with the moist in the atmosphere (and thus prevent rusting).

Advice 2: Spot rust early and remove it

Another great way to prevent knife from rusting on your blade is to check it frequently. Once you see any orange stain on your knife, try polishing it with very fine sandpaper to remove it.

In addition to the above suggestions, there may well be something that can be completed once for all, and that is the exclusive EC Anit-ORR Technology developed by EUNA Eco-Lab. By improving and upgrading the traditional stainless steel knife, the knife is put into a new non-toxic and harmless water solution material for repeated oxidation, thus forming a layer of dense, smooth black oxide film on the surface of the knife, which is what we called EC PROCESSING. Being waterproof, EC layer efficiently blocks the oxygen and water molecules in the air so as to prevent knife from rusting, which is more conducive to ensuring the safety and health for you and your family. This black film is also different from the normal chemical coating, since it is a layer of dense particles integrated with the knife body and will not fall off to contaminate food. This technological innovation is the secret weapon created for home chefs.

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