How to Produce A Kitchen Knife?

Although we use kitchen knives every day when we cook, have you ever wondered how they are made? If you're as curious as we are, read on! Today this post is going to show you how these familiar kitchen knives are manufactured.

It is worth noting that here we take the manufacturing process of EUNA Mountain Shadow Series for example.

  1. Cutting

First the knife manufacture studio will make the blade mold based on the designer's design drawings, and then the mold will be installed on the stamping machine. With the stamping machine will be stainless steel plate punched out of the shape of the knife.

  1. Heat Treatment

Knife blades are heated to 1000 degrees Celsius through an electric stove and then be quenched. Through this process, the structure of the stainless steel changes, resulting in a higher hardness and toughness of the blade.

  1. Welding

In this process, the handle will be welded to the blade, so that the whole knife has a complete prototype. However, the knife still needs to be further manually polished to make the knife to meet the design demands.

  1. Handle Processing

The process is to carve and polish the handle. The craftsman should first carve the concave and convex on the handle, and then proceed to polish it to make a smooth and bright surface treatment so that you will find it comfortable when holding in your palm.

  1. Blade polishing / Surface Grinding

In this polishing process, the initial polishing is carried out with a water mill to reveal the original color of the steel. Then use the rubber wheel for fine polishing, so that the knife face has a bright luster.

  1. Sharpening

By sharpening the blade with a grindstone, a sharp blade begin to appear. By this time, the most complete structure of the knife has been completed, and it also has all the conditions for a knife as a cutting tool.

  1. Cleaning, Inspection and Packaging

After the production of a knife, the final cleaning will be carried out to make the finished product clean and flawless. After cleaning, a final quality inspection will be carried out to ensure that the products sold are qualified. After the quality inspection is passed, it will be packed, boxed and shipped.

After the above complex processing steps, you will get the perfect kitchen blades that can meet your high requirements. Mountain Shadow Series is born out of such a rigorous process so that you can use EUNA knives with complete confidence. Click here to further find out the story of Mountain Shadow Series.

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