The Best Blade Material of Kitchen Knife

A well-built knife is a tool that functions persistently without failing. 

Picking a knife that is not subject to failure can be a cumbersome task to achieve, as there are so many knives out there, all of which use different blade materials. If you want a good kitchen knife to help you handle all food ingredients faster, choosing the right knife material is crucial, as the wrong steel and grade can eventually lead to premature failure and edge dulling. Not all metals are made the best for kitchen knives, so read the post below carefully to see what is the best steel for kitchen blade making.

As we all know, steel is an iron-based alloy: iron is an element, and steel is an alloy containing other elements such as iron and carbon. Adding carbon and other elements to iron in different proportions results in steels with different properties, and roughly, the current blade materials used in kitchen knife can be divided into:

  • Low-carbon steel
  • Medium carbon steel
  • High-carbon steel
  • Multilayer steel
  • Ceramic material

In general, the higher the carbon content, the harder the steel. For steel used in kitchen knife, higher hardness means the blade can hold its sharpness for longer. It is also worth noting that whether a knife is sharp or not depends not on its hardness, but on how thin the blade is and how small the angle of the edge is. If you want your knife extremely smooth and sharp when cutting as well as durable and doesn't need to be frequently sharpened, then a high carbon steel knife will be your ideal choice, since high-carbon steel’s hardness can reach over 53 degrees, with an excellent anti-rust ability, good toughness , as well as distinguished wear resistance.

All EUNA knives are forged from remarkable German high-carbon steel with a Rockwell hardness of 53+. EUNA knives adopts a good balance in maintaining a sharp blade and durability, since a higher carbon content is added in EUNA raw blade materials than other premium knives. Meanwhile, the EUNA blades are carefully hand-polished with 13-15° on each side, achieving the perfect balance between ultra-thin slices and maximum elasticity for smooth cutting. We, EUNA, always commit you with an ultimate smooth cutting experience.

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