What is A Dull Knife?

A dull knife cannot cut through cutting material as easily and cleanly as it is supposed to do. And in this post, we will give you a more comprehensive introduction about what is a dull knife and what can we do tackle this problem.

  1. Why a dull knife is dangerous?

Injuries caused by blunt knives are not only more frequent and more likely to occur, they are also more serious. Because a blunt knife will slip on your ingredients, you will need to apply more pressure to make a full cut. And this may cause you to lose control of the knife, and you may also cut into something other than the food (like your fingers).

  1. What makes a knife dull?

While the steel used to make the knife is much harder than the ingredients you normally cut, the harder the material the knife comes into contact with, the faster it blunts. Neither can a knife stay sharp all the time, nor can they sharpen themselves. The blade will deteriorate with frequent use, so there is no way to prevent the knife from becoming dull.

  1. How do I know if my knife is dull?

We recommend this both simple and handy test——paper test. Grab a piece of paper, hold it between your fingers, and slide the knife down. If your knife is sharp, it will cleanly and easily cut through the paper, and vice versa.  

  1. What makes a knife stay sharp?

A knife's ability to stay sharp is largely determined by the material used to make the blade, the angle of the bevel, and the frequency of utilization of the blade. In general, the harder the material of the knife, the smaller the blade angle, and the lower the frequency of knife use, the longer a knife will say sharp.

  1. How many times do you sharpen a knife?

Instead of sharpening your knife once or twice at home, you can follow the advice of knife experts to professionally sharpen your kitchen knife at least once every year or two. This prevents the blade from becoming too dull, thus extending the life of the knife. Know more professional knowledge about sharpening a knife in this blog—— How to sharpen your chef knives.

It's not hard to keep your kitchen knives sharp. If you take care of your knives and follow kitchen knife safety rules, you are only one step away from ensuring a lifetime of excellent cutting. But if you’re not ready to take time to learn how to carefully grind down your knife blade with a whetstone, you can eliminate all of the hassles of knife sharpening by getting one of our best seller Treasure Series!

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