What is a Good Kitchen Knife Set?

Anyone who enjoys cooking knows the importance of a good set of knives. A set of high quality knives is more effective, easier to use, and even safer than the plain standard blunt knife you can find in any supermarket. However, what is a good kitchen knife set? How do we choose the perfect set of knives? Now, we're going to share some content with you so you can understand how to get a proper, perfect set of knives.  Let's get right to the point.

Most of you probably think that if you buy a high-end branded product, then you will get the best product without having to analyze anything. However, this does not mean that all high-end brand products are good in terms of quality and product content. Therefore, before you buy a knife set, you should know some basic facts so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

 1. The Essential Pieces of Knives

By far the most essential knives you need are the ones you'll need for most cooking tasks. For your reference, we've listed the following knives you may need most:

Paring Knife: for peeling and cutting small pieces of food.

Chef's Knife: one of the most versatile knives in a knife set; can be used for many purposes, such as dicing, chopping, slicing and mincing.

Serrated Blade: for cutting bread, cake and fruit.

 2. Some Additional or Extra Knives

Depending on your cooking style, you can have a few extra or extra knives so that you can complete more cooking tasks. For your reference, we've also listed the following knives you may need:

Meat Cleaver: for cutting chicken or other larger pieces of meat

Vegetable Cleaver: for cutting different types of vegetables

A Fillet Blade: for filleting the fishes

The Boning Blade: for removing meat from bones

The Bread Blade: for cutting the bread into thin pieces

 3. Basic Qualities of the Best Knives

Now, let's share some basic qualities of a good knife. 

Handling: you should get knives that are easy to handle. Because you will use them for cutting so without good handling, you cannot use them properly 

Weight: you should choose a knife that weighs very little.  A heavy knife is not easy to use at all.

Materials: the materials you should consider are :(1) carbon steel blades, (2) stainless steel, and (3) ceramics. You can click here to read more about knife materials in our previous blog.

There are different types of knives in the market. You choose the right one according to your needs and uses. Now, we are going to share our fancy EUNA KNIFE SET to you since they have included all basic but indispensable knives we’ve introduced in the above content. Click here  to view more EUNA knife set, which will offer you a world of difference.

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