Your kitchen needs a elegant knife

Our team was founded by a group of designers who love aesthetics and life. Each series is inspired by the beauty of life. We produce products that are not only good-looking, unique, but also long-lasting, durable, and convenient for your life

Our founder is a home designer who loves cooking and life aesthetics. Because he has aesthetic requirements for the kitchen, what he is most annoyed about is that he can't find a set of kitchen knives that can be matched when designing and matching various styles of kitchens.

He is convinced that a set of beautiful and easy-to-use kitchen knives can make you feel happy while cooking. He wants to design a series of elegant, beautiful and practical kitchen knives to share with people who also love cooking and life aesthetics. Your kitchen needs a elegant knife.So EUNA was born.

Since the birth of EUNA in 2010 to the present, we have expanded from a single kitchen knife to a series of amazing knives, cookware and tableware. Many amazing people have joined our team. Our design team is from 1 to 28 people.

Vicker Hong

All colleagues of EUNA

Only one thing has not changed? We are obsessed with designing amazing tools to embellish your beautiful kitchen and let you experience the joy of cooking happily.

On behalf of everyone at EUNA, thank you for coming.

Company Name: Shenzhen Jincheng Zhijing Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Address: 1412, Block A, Building 1, Shuimen Xinyuan, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen